4 Must-Have Apps For Small Business Owners

Small business apps

Every day, small business owners are faced with endless to-do lists, challenges that arise out of nowhere, and requests they never saw coming.

To help deal with these multitudes of daily hurdles, there are literally hundreds of apps SME owners can use. Here are just four of the best you can download to your smartphone to make those challenges just a little bit easier.


Any.do is the ultimate to-do list. It replaces the countless notes you keep in your emails, your mobile phone notepad, on paper and on the back of your hand.

It’s handily laid out in a simple and easy design, with today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday headings that work in the same way your brain does. You can keep everyone in one big list, or separate them out into categories such as work, home, and social. You can sync it with to-do lists from colleagues, and message them about particular tasks. You can add files, reminders, notifications and recurring tasks, and sync it across devices so you can stay on top of things whether you’re on the move with your mobile or at your desktop device.


Any.do is available for free on Apple devices and Android.


As the name suggests, this app helps deal with business expenses and ultimately helps create expense reports without the hassle.

You can scan and load receipts for anything from your lunch bill to your taxi fares to your stationery supplies, and it can even keep track of kilometres covered in work vehicles. The organisation of the app lets you file particular expenses under different areas, which is handy if you want to group them together for particular work trips and other expenditures.

Expensify is available and free on both Android and iOS.


Insightly is an extremely popular CRM management app designed for small businesses to help owners look manage leads, contacts, partners, suppliers and more.

There’s almost nothing Insightly can’t do, from project management and sales reports to calendars and finding all your contact social media profiles at the touch of a button. It integrates with just about every Cloud-based software available, including Google Drive and Gmail, Evernote, DropBox, Outlook, and Office 365.

Insightly offers a free two-week trial, and a free basic account for up to two users. Plans are priced from US$12/month after that.


Another money managing app, InDinero is the app that keeps an eye on your cash flows.

It looks at your revenue compared to your spending; it is able to help you predict future cash flows based on current and past trends. You simply sync it to your bank account and credit cards, then look at the information beautifully laid out in an easy-to-use app. It helps you manage your payroll, look after your taxes and send out invoices like a miniature accountant in your pocket.

InDinero is currently only available on iOS, and while it is free to download, you will need to request an invite and be accepted before you can start using it.