5 Fundamental Slides You Need In Your Pitch Deck

Man Preparing For Pitch

You know your product or service is a game changer. You’ve found a hole in the market that you’ve been able to fill or you’ve improved on a common everyday service or item in an affordable manner. That’s great. But it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get it out to the right people.

One of the best tools in the fight to make sure your product or service gets out to is a jaw-dropping pitch deck. A collection of solid slides can be the centrepiece of a dynamite presentation responsible for landing you the capital necessary to move forward with your plans. So, what slides are found within the best pitch decks? Read on to learn about the necessities you should be sure to include.

The 5 slides you need in your pitch deck

There is no hard and fast rule regarding how many slides you should aim to have in your pitch deck. You will want to be conscious of the fact that your time with prospective investors and customers is limited, so you might want to shoot for 20 or so at the most. Whatever number you land on, make sure you leave room for the following pitch deck slides.

  • The team

Business Team

The product or service you’re trying to sell is important. But, in addition to what, people want to know who they’re putting their faith and valuable resources behind. Your sales pitch should be sure to include a slide about who’s in your team, their experience and what their role is in your company.

  • The issue

Another foundational slide of any strong pitch deck is what issue or hole in the market you’re trying to solve or fill. Don’t go too overboard with this, but make sure you paint a picture of just why your product or service is necessary.

  • The goods

This is where you actually show or explain what exactly your product is. Have a visual representation of it if it’s already been created or at the very least have in-progress photos of what you’ve been able to do so far and some sort of mock-up of what the finished product will look like.

  • The audience

It’s not enough just to explain how you’re going to build your product. You need to know what your audience looks like. Include as much demographic information as possible from any market research you’ve conducted or your closest approximation of who you will be targeting with your product or service.

  • The plan

Business Plan

Once you sort out your funding and production, how are you going to get the product or service in the literal and figurative hands of consumers? Discuss your sales strategies and outlets in your pitch deck to show that you’ve considered how to turn your dreams into reality.

What else you can do to emulate the best pitch decks

In addition to making sure you have those slides in your arsenal when it’s time to meet with a potential client or investor, keep these tips in mind when putting your pitch deck together.

  • Keep it separated

You want things to remain as clear as possible during your presentation. That’s why it’s important to limit yourself to just one main idea in each slide. For example, don’t introduce the problem and your solution in the same slide. This keeps sections separate and helps stop you from overloading any one slide with too much text or information.

  • Embrace the concept of the elevator pitch

Although your presentation probably will not be taking place in an actual elevator, operating within the parameters of an elevator pitch is beneficial. Keep the finer points of elevator pitches in mind when putting your pitch deck together.

  • Style matters

While the product or service and your team are the most important aspects of your presentation, the actual presentation of your information will play a part as well. Try to keep a consistent style throughout your slide deck, including keeping your company logo on each page and using the same grammar and punctuation throughout. This increases others’ confidence in the overall intelligence and professionalism found within your organisation.

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