7 Office 365 Benefits For Business

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Perhaps you’ve heard your employees talking about Office 365 or you’ve seen it advertised online? If for whatever reason, you’ve been unable or reluctant to upgrade to Office 365, we’re here to let know why you should certainly consider it.

Thankfully it’s not such a hard proposition to sell, as there are all kinds of useful Office 365 features and benefits to be had for businesses. From data security and improved collaboration to zero downtime and 24/7 access, Microsoft Office 365 has you covered in every aspect.

So, to help you get a better idea of the Office 365 business benefits, we’ve highlighted 7 features you need to know about. Simply read on to find out more or if you’d like our help to migrate and experience the Office 365 benefits for yourself, please contact us now.

The cloud won’t let you down

No matter what you do in-house, there’s always the chance that your internal systems may fail and cause you to have an outage. More often than not, this is going to severely hamper your business’ productivity, unless your core applications and documents are stored on a cloud.

With Office 365, your data is stored online and there’s 1tb worth of space for each user. Additionally, Office 365 allows you to use applications such as email through the cloud network, giving employees more flexibility to communicate with customers and colleagues in the case of an internal outage.

Work from anywhere at anytime

Ease of accessibility is one of the biggest Office 365 benefits for businesses to take advantage of; with email, documents, contacts, and calendars being accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Thankfully, this also means your employees can access Office 365 from a variety of devices, including PCs, Apple Macs, and smartphones. Obviously, this gives remote workers and employees on the go a huge advantage in terms of productivity.

Secure your data like a pro

With so many potential threats from hackers and cyber criminals to be wary of, it really makes a difference to know that your data is secure. With Office 365 business, you stay up-to-date on where your data is at any given moment and the people who currently have access to it.

It’s easy to forget how useful a cloud infrastructure is, but losing a laptop without an auto sync feature active could mean that everything you’ve been working on is lost forever. However, this isn’t the case with the Office 365 cloud as all of your valuable documents and data is automatically synced with their secure cloud. But, as an added layer of protection, you can also remotely wipe some or all of your data should a device be lost or compromised.

Keep things rolling without in-depth IT knowledge

For many businesses, having an IT department isn’t a necessity and learning new, complicated IT systems is just a hindrance. Thankfully, one of the Office 365 benefits revolves around its ease of use for employees and managers alike.

You won’t have to go through the pain of learning new software, taking care of complex installation processes, or trying to understand tech-related jargon. With Office 365, everything is ready to go after only a few minutes and you can even utilise the free trial on offer should you wish to test the waters before subscribing.

Work with applications you’re already familiar with

The many Office 365 features and benefits begin with the applications you’re already familiar with. You’ll enjoy seamless integration with all of the Windows applications that are vital for business, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher.

Collaboration is simple and easy

Collaboration is an essential part of any functional, modern business and something that should always be improved on when possible. With Office 365, there are so many layers of opportunity when it comes to collaboration.

Its main draw lies in the password-protected portal that enables employees to email larger files both internally and externally. This means the portal can act as a go to place for the latest versions of files, projects, and everything else.

Additionally, you’ll find that Office 365 allows you to instantly message colleagues and customers in order to invite them to meetings or collaborate on documents.

Say goodbye to upfront costs


Upfront costs can often seem daunting as they require a big investment from businesses, both financially and in terms of trust. Thankfully, Office 365 business gives you flexibility by operating on a pay-per-month subscription service that scales to the number of users you require at any given time. This makes it far easier to reap the Office 365 benefits without having to commit to a large financial up-front cost.

Do you need some expert assistance to get Office 365 up and running at your company? Contact a member of our team now to learn more. Alternatively, in order to get you started, we do offer comprehensive Office 365 training courses that cover everything and anything from beginner basics to advanced techniques.