How To Use Technology To Improve Customer Relationships

Customer relationships and technology

Being able to communicate clearly with those you’re trying to reach is important if you want to provide your product or service to the greatest number of people possible. This communication is a massive part of relationship management and building a strong rapport with your audience. You need to be willing to go above and beyond face-to-face meetings, and increases in technology can help you do just that.


Ready to take full advantage of some of the best tools available for you to use when building customer relationships? Here are some ways you can better use technology to get in touch with customers.

Two keys to building customer relationships

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Two of the most important things to remember when thinking about customer relationship management are convenience and attention.

If something is too hard, chances are people won’t want to waste their time dealing with it. Customers want to be able to learn more about your product or service, whether it be the process that went into making what you provide or how to use or fix it in times of trouble.

Customers also put a lot of stock into whether or not you and your organisation care about them. If they think your investment in them stops once you have their money, they’re not going to be very interested in doing business with you going forward. Being on hand to help and convincing customers and clients that you care about their ongoing happiness and success is a surefire way to build strong relationships and develop a great reputation.

Ways you can foster strong customer relationships

Foster happy customers

  • Invest in CRM tools

Customer relationship management training can give your team a massive boost in regards to communicating with potential new targets. Training your team in CRM systems means they will have the tools they need to gather pertinent data about customers and the journey these people go on before, during and after they use your product or service. Understanding and analysing the habits of existing and potential customers can help you and your team better tailor your service to the public’s needs, therefore making it easier for you to build customer relationships that matter and can lead to conversions.

  • Be there

Being able to be contactable at just about any time of day or night is something that has come to be expected by clients and customers. The world in which we live and operate is so connected these days that there is much less of an excuse to be unavailable when clients need you. Having a quality phone system that can route calls day or night or a chat service that customers and clients can use 24 hours a day can help greatly with customer relationship management. Having a proper website with FAQs and other areas of assistance can also help you provide aid at all times, as can a strong social media presence.

  • Develop an awesome app

Almost everybody has a smartphone these days, so it just makes sense for you and your organisation to take advantage of the technology available on such devices. By having a presence on mobile phones, you’ll always have a chance to be building customer relationships because you will always be “with” your customers. In addition to providing support, you company’s app can house loyalty cards or offer other perks to those who have downloaded. This can help you further endear your organisation to customers.

  • Help them pay

Another way technology can help you when building customer relationships is making it easier to facilitate the actual purchase of your goods or services. Contactless payment systems are becoming more and more prevalent, and will only continue to rise as more people start relying on their mobile devices and e-wallet services. Being able to accommodate different styles of payment can be the difference between a conversion and somebody walking away. Look into accepting payments from avenues such as aforementioned e-wallets as well as PayPal in addition to traditional BPAY and bank transfer methods.

Technology can be a massive help to your organisation’s customer relationship management.  Whether it’s through upskilling your team by way of great learning solutions that can lead to you implementing new programs and systems into your business or creating a strong online presence that customers can access at any time to get help or learn more about what you do, tech can be a great assistant in your goals. Making customers feel appreciated is one of the most important aspects of growing your business, so try to keep the above tips in mind when thinking about how you can optimise your interactions.