How Will The Internet of Things Impact Your Business Security?


The internet of things (IoT) has been a hot topic in the world of digital business for several years now, and for good reason. This technology has been gradually making its way to Australiaand it shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

How the internet of things can change your business


With the IoT, you have potentially unparalleled access to data from your customers and clients without having to ask them for it directly. This can include their web browsing and shopping habits as well as how they live their lives off the web on a daily basis. The IoT also can help you learn more about non human entities, too. Connected engines in vehicles can alert you of issues, and software can send diagnostic reports that can help you fine tune production.

Whether you realise it right now or not, every little piece of data that is collected is a tiny puzzle piece that, when put together with other data, can help you paint a clearer picture of your customers and/or the audience you want to target going forward. Combining the IoT with something like Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools can help you target your efforts so as to not waste your organisation’s resources.

Potential issues with internet of things security

The IoT’s digital connection between physical items opens up an amazing number of different avenues through which companies can not only operate, but also interact with customers or other audiences. However, as with other incredible technological achievements, with great power comes great responsibility to keep your company safe from digital threats. IoT security issues are no joke and can take an initially helpful technology and transform it into a bit of a nightmare.

More connected devices = higher chances of a security breach

One of the best things about the IoT is that it lets you not only collect, but also access data from just about anywhere. Much like cloud computing the IoT gives you the power to get work done when you’re away from the office. But, that also means that nasty digital villains might have an easier go of gaining access to your data. The more devices you have that connect to not only each other but also your system, the more chances there are of somebody gaining access to one.

What you can do to strengthen your company’s IoT security

The positive impact of the IoT is too great to ignore just because there’s a chance somebody could infiltrate your data and/or your company’s infrastructure. But there are some things you can do to avoid these pitfalls so you can benefit from the great IoT intel you glean.


Tighten up device security 

As previously mentioned, one of the easiest and most damaging ways hackers can get into your system is by gaining access through external smart devices. This can be done in a variety of ways, including the stealing or recovery of left devices to infiltration over an unsecured wireless connection. Hammer home the importance of device security to your entire workforce, especially those who use such tools to access information when away from the office.

Ask the experts 

If you have connected devices in your workspace, ask the people who know best what you can do to help safeguard against intrusion from those outside your circle of trust. And who knows best? The people would made the product, of course. The last thing suppliers want is for a tool associated with their brand name to be the reason something bad happened to your company. That’s why they’re more than willing to help you make sure you shore up your defence against those who might set out to do you and your organisation harm. Contact them, explain how you’re using their device, and ask them if they have any tips for keeping your company safer.

The internet of things can be a particularly strong asset in the business world. With more information, you can tailor your product or service to your audience better. And instead of alienating your client base by shooting out the same general marketing tools over and over again, you can tailor your attempts to different demographics based on the data you gain from your IoT devices. But the IoT can be a double-edged sword. One breach can see data leak and fall into the wrong hands, doing potentially irreversible damage to your organisation’s reputation. Put a premium on IoT security so you can use this tremendous tech to your advantage as it becomes more prevalent.