5 Benefits Of Using Online Timesheets

wall clock - benefits of online timesheets

In the world of business, it’s fair to say that there’s enough to deal with without having to keep track of employees and their timesheets. For many years, companies have required employee timesheets to be filled out and then passed on to the HR department for review.

However, keeping track of any number of employees is extremely time-consuming and requires a huge amount of paper if timesheets are filled in manually. This presents a serious problem for businesses that are already large and those looking to grow.

Thankfully, there is a solution in way of online timesheets. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits and features of online employee time tracking software, read on now. Alternatively, you can read more of our HR inspired blogs by heading over to our HR page.

First things first: why is time tracking so important?

Online timesheets give employers a versatile system for collating everything they need to know about their employees’ attendance, working hours, sickness, and overtime. Keeping an accurate record of this is vital, as mistakes with employee payroll payments can have a detrimental effect on loyalty and motivation.

In a digital world, this is really important and there are lots of options out there for all kinds of business types. But, choosing an online timesheet provider shouldn’t be rushed into. To help you get your head around online timesheets a little better, we’ve devised a list of the best benefits you have to ensure you’ll get with your chosen provider.

  • They’re simple and accessible

Traditional employee timesheets have been made from paper, taking a long time to fill out by employees and file by HR departments. After working long hours, the last thing your employees want to do is the fill out paper forms and send them off to your HR department.

On the other hand, online timesheets allow employees to fill in important information about their working day from anywhere and at any time. So, if an employee has worked exactly the same number of hours as previous weeks, they can quickly copy this over to save time.

  • Analytic reports are easy to generate

Businesses that use paper documents to report employee attendance do so with a huge amount of unnecessary work. With electronic employee timesheets, information is stored in a single database, which enables companies to make quick and easy analyses.

However, many online timesheet providers will actually have an inbuilt reporting feature to make things even more convenient. So, generating reports for individual employees, groups of employees, company departments, or the company as a whole can be done effortlessly.

  • Data entries are quick to identify and correct

When it comes to a big workforce or one of any size for that matter, mistakes are going to be made, especially with timesheets. But, if you’re using a paper timesheet system, you’ll probably find that identifying and correcting an error is extremely time consuming. It’s possible that your HR team may not have enough time you spot and correct an error; meaning your employee could miss out on their correct packet.

Clearly, this isn’t what anyone wants and an online timesheet system provides a good defence against this kind of worst-case scenario. Within seconds, data entries can be identified and corrected by employees before being approved by a supervising member of staff. By making instant corrections in this way, your business will see far fewer errors with payroll.

  • Free up your HR department’s time

As your HR departments often get burdened with tedious and time-consuming tasks, freeing up their time is always appreciated. Online employee timesheets hand over some responsibility to your employees as they can alter their own records without having to rely on your HR department. With any luck, you’ll see a spike in productivity from your HR team as well as your general employees after handing over the reins in this way.

  • Customisation comes as standard with many providers

As every business is different, having the right kind of customisation options available to you is a pretty big thing when it comes to online timesheets. Thankfully, most reputable providers offer fully customisable platforms; allowing you to create custom fields and calculations that meet your business’ needs. By developing the right employee timesheet format, you can help streamline the whole process, making it far simpler for your employees.

Do you have further questions about employee time tracking and how you can utilise this at your business? To learn more about employee timesheets, simply contact us now or head over to the HR page to find more of our HR related blogs and articles.