5 Essential Tech Tools For Your HR Department

tech tools for hr department

Human resources professionals have a huge range of responsibilities and play a variety of roles during any given day in the office. They can play a big part in everything from defusing dangerous issues floating around the office to making sure team morale stays high and, of course, helping find the best and brightest people to join the organisation.

HR staffers are amazing, but even they need some help from time to time in order to stay on top of all these tasks. Luckily for you and your company, there is a massive collection of HR tools that can make doing so a whole lot easier. Read on to learn a bit more about the tech tools at your disposal.

Interoffice communication

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Implementing Slack or another similar program that allows team members to communicate on both a personal and professional level can be invaluable. The benefits of such tech tools are wide and far-reaching. A program like Slack can help connect people in not only different departments, but also at different levels of experience and standing within the organisation. Whether it’s checking in to see how somebody is doing, asking a quick question about a project or sharing important documents quickly, Slack and other similar programs give everybody a direct line to each other, helping accomplish the important HR task of improving overall morale within the office.

 Managed IT services

One way in which the HR team and the rest of an organisation can keep a team happy and more productive is by embracing managed IT services. There are heaps of benefits to this technology, though the biggest of them could be cloud computing. This ability to access files from just about anywhere with an internet connection can add up to more flexible working situations for workers, which not only keeps them happier but can also give them the means to get things done away from the office.

 Project organisers

project organisers

In many organisations, management of people is a huge aspect of the HR department. Keeping everybody on the same page can be quite a difficult task depending on the size and scope of your business. With so many different projects flying around and workflow diverting in so many different directions, important tasks can fall through the cracks, leading to unhappy clients and potential losses of revenue. HR staffers can take advantage of programs such as Trello and Bandcamp, which are great organisational tools that can help workers communicate with each other, share to-do lists, and make sure everything gets crossed off. The organisational power of adding certain workers and contractors to projects within the tool makes it even more beneficial for those involved.

Payroll and staff management

Staffers work hard for the company, hitting deadlines and often going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure all of their tasks are taken care of. In exchange for such massive efforts, they expect to be paid in full and on time! Keeping track of all the different wages and payment cycles, not to mention holiday time requests and sick days, requires HR tools that are up to the task. Bamboo HR is an example of an easy-to-use tech tool that lets you do everything from create reports of time usage to keep track of different aspects and information regarding each and every one of your team.

 Hiring aids

One place in which HR workers have a huge influence is the hiring of new team members. From crafting the perfect job posting to helping review all of the candidates that throw their hat into the ring for the role, HR workers need to be able to stay organised while broadcasting the opening and its requirements to the professional world. A program such as Workable gives your organisation a one-stop shop for locating, interviewing, and tracking the progress of your search for the best candidate. You can post the job, view those who have applied and respond to them all in the one place, streamlining the entire process and simplifying your HR life.


Those working in HR have to wear a lot of different hats, especially when carrying a heavy load for smaller and medium-sized companies. With so many different responsibilities, it can be hard to keep one’s head above water and keep everything running smoothly both behind the scenes and in the spotlight. Strong tech tools can help facilitate HR training and development amongst your staff. Check out some of the great HR tools above as well as the courses, certifications and other learning solutions available right now from Saxons and put your team members in a fantastic position to succeed.