5 HR Tech Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

HR Tech Trends

When it comes to staying on the cutting edge of small business technology, one place that you want to make sure your company doesn’t lag is the HR department. HR tech can be the grease that keeps the wheels of industry turning in your organisation, helping you and your team move forward with the times. Its efficiency is what keeps your current workers happy and productive and your future colleagues easier to find.

Even if you have a knockout HR department, now is no time to rest on your laurels. Here are five HR tech trends for this upcoming year to keep an eye on.

1) The wide world of online job postings

It’s no secret that a huge percentage of potential employees out there looking for work are primarily doing so online. Surfing sites such as LinkedIn, Seek and other notable professional outlets, as well as industry-specific job posting boards, is the go-to tactic for finding the next landing place for most workers. Because of this, you need to be able to stand out amongst the crowd of different industries, companies and roles floating around out there. Whether it’s embracing SEO or paid search or getting a better handle on the different free and paid options available to you at each site, your HR strategy for hiring new staff needs to be sure to include a strong emphasis on quality, effective postings. Also, be sure to keep them updated to align with changing times!

2)   Social media is key for several phases

Social Media for HR

Social media doesn’t have to be a time suck to fill your commutes on the train or something to do absentmindedly when sitting on the couch at home. It can be a very useful professional tool in regards to several aspects of your company. When looking for the next employee to come in and make a positive impact, part of your HR strategy should involve scoping out people on social media. This can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. However, the usefulness doesn’t end there. Employing social media as one of your most trusted HR tools can also help the people who are already valued members of your team. It can be a great way to communicate with a wide number of workers in one fell swoop and can unite them electronically to share news.

3)   Sweet CRM solutions

Being able to have a team that understands what your company is doing and why it’s dedicating resources to certain areas can be invaluable, as it keeps everybody invested and assured of their effort making a difference to the overall picture. One way you can do this is through CRM training and implementation of such technology. By educating your workers in these programs, therefore enabling your company to gather and analyse huge sets of data, you can keep all involved aware of what’s happening each step of the way.

4)   Turning to the cloud for flexibility

Cloud Tech


The benefits of the cloud are wide, but in terms of HR trends and strategy, perhaps the most important aspect is the ability to access information from anywhere. This is so vital in today’s business world because so many more workers require or demand flexible working situations. Being able to operate from home or on the road takes some of the grinding stress off of going into the office every single day and can keep your team happier and more productive in the long run. Managed IT services can help make this possible.

5)   Moving to mobile

In addition to the awesome powers of the cloud, another of the most prevalent HR tech trends is getting the most of out mobile devices. These days, just about everybody in your employ will have a smartphone of some sort. And, unlike laptop computers or other tech from your company, they just about always have their mobile on their person. So why not use this to your benefit? Finding apps that allow your team to track everything from the work they’ve completed to the time they spent on projects can make them more likely to provide the data that can help you model projections for your company to use going forward.

Making sure the latest in HR tech trends are a part of your overall HR strategy can be a great way to keep the most important members of your team, as well as future key cogs in your machine that you haven’t even found yet, happier and working productively. Don’t risk falling behind the pack of other companies in your industry. Seek out these incredible technologies today to keep your business front and centre in the minds of those already working for you and those who might be part of your team in the near future.