6 Ways A Company Intranet Can Benefit HR

Office people working with company intranet

With the amount of information HR departments need to disseminate across departments, it makes sense to make things as efficient and easy as possible. Whether it be holiday request forms, feedback collection, training programs or anything else, HR has a lot to deal with.

Like any department in companies across the world, HR is one that can really benefit from a decent IT system – more specifically, a company intranet network. There are many intranet benefits that help optimise time as well as making the bridge between HR and other departments more accessible.

If you’re wondering what is an intranet and how it can benefit your HR department, we’re here to help. Take a look at our 6 points to find out about the benefits you might be missing out on or read more HR inspired blogs at our Human Resources blog page.

Updating, collecting and distributing information

With so many vital documents being stored digitally, it makes perfect sense to store them in an easily accessible company intranet network. Replacing paper and offline documents to update changes can often be confusing as older versions will still remain out there if left uncollected or destroyed. An intranet betters this process by allowing HR departments to make changes that are instantaneously available to every employee.


However, this also extends to the likes of company calendars which often require last-minute changes. Additionally, news items that are posted with the correct information can allow employees to find what they need quicker; reducing the amount of interaction HR has to have with employees directly. But, this is just a small example of how any company could benefit in this area.

Easier recruitment

An efficient recruitment process is an often highly critical factor in enabling companies to scale as they grow. With a company intranet network, both internal and external recruitment becomes far easier to manage.

Internally, job vacancies can be announced over the intranet and applications can be received from existing employees directly. Externally, candidates’ applications can be routed through the intranet system to a human recruiter or scoring software.

As far as communication goes, recruitment managers can easily speak with one another about candidates in virtual rooms over the intranet network. This is especially important if applications are coming in from different locations.

Efficient HR transactions

Thanks to the power of a decent intranet system, e-forms can be quickly created for most kinds of HR transactions. This has the potential to make applying for holidays, enrolling for benefits, and booking company resources far easier than ever before.

But, the main draw here is that a company intranet network can be accessed remotely via browsers and mobile devices. Essentially, your HR department will become a mobile department with the ability to approve all transactions while out of the office.

Community hubs

It’s likely that every single employee at your company will have a slightly different way of doing things in their day-to-day routine. An intranet system can act in part as a community hub for employees. Here, they can share optimised methodologies, best practices and other valuable experience they’ve garnered.

This can really open up opportunities for your company as well as break down barriers between different departments. There is literally no limit to the amount of benefit that could be had here as employees can quickly adapt to any changes that are implemented. Additionally, cross-department projects will be far more collaborative than ever before thanks to a community hub on your intranet network.

Optimised training

Company training is a process that’s often routinely updated in order to optimise programs and utilise the latest trends. Thankfully, an intranet allows HR departments to manage every aspect of a company training program. This includes creating schedules, planning in general and the actual delivery of the training program itself.

As most training materials now come in a digital format, everything existing and new employees require can be readily accessible on a company wiki page. This gives HR departments more time to analyse training success, track progress, and respond to any questions employees may have.

Simple feedback collection

Questionnaires and feedback surveys are a hugely important part of improving existing processes and employee satisfaction at any company. Sending out reams of paper and email feedback surveys wastes valuable HR time, while also not being efficient or cost-effective in the modern world.

An intranet allows HR staff to quickly create and send feedback surveys to the entire workforce, as well as having the ability to receive responses just as fast. In combination with the speed at which updates can be broadcast, a company intranet system can help HR departments make vital changes at moment’s notice, based on a survey conducted the same day.

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