How To Improve Your Onboarding Process Through Technology

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When you think of a thriving business in today’s world, you’ll know that they’ll be making good use of technology wherever possible. Having a stellar onboarding process in place for your new hires can never be overlooked and utilising the right technology will greatly improve yours.

Companies that integrate existing and future technologies into their onboarding process are far more likely to retain their employees at all levels. But, in addition to this, providing your new hires with a fulfilling onboarding experience will go a long way to increasing their productivity and overall job satisfaction.

An onboarding process at any company can always be improved, but it really depends on how far the HR team is willing to go. When you think about it, technology makes streamlining this process far easier.

For example, the amount of paperwork you can cut out from your onboarding process is staggering. This gives us a rough idea of the impact the right technology can make to your onboarding process.

So, if you’re wondering what is onboarding technology, we’re here to help. We’ve identified 3 useful tips to add to your new employee checklist so that you can start to make improvements today.

  • Go paperless and optimise for mobile devices

Mobile Devices

While cutting down on paper might be a priority in other areas of your company, it’s surprising how often onboarding forms aren’t paperless. In 2015, a survey was carried out by ADP which involved 1,500 employees and HR professionals. The survey showed that fewer than 12 percent of new hires have the ability to complete paperwork on mobile devices.

More and more potential employees are connected on mobile devices and you need to ensure that you’ve optimised your HR forms so that they can be filled out while on the go. This way, new hires can easily complete your HR forms and focus on the more pressing elements of your onboarding process.

Going paperless and making your forms mobile friendly is a great way to get a head start on inevitable advancements in technology. You’ll make things easier for your new employees now and your HR department will really appreciate it in the long run.

  • Digital training platforms

Digital training

It’s important to remember that every one of your employees is different and will probably have a unique learning style. Digital training programs allow you to customise the learning experience so that you can suit the needs of each employee. When you consider the number of differences each position at your company can have from one another, it really puts things into perspective.

You may already have a classroom style training program in place and you might think it’s going well. However, giving your new hires the time and freedom to explore critical information about their role at their own pace can’t be overlooked.


Creating an onboarding training system that only values speed is a sure way to lose employees that matter to your business. With everyone having a different learning style, it doesn’t make sense to offer only one option. Try to focus on giving your employees more attention with a digital training platform that will work for everyone. After all, you’ll want them to give their full attention when learning about their job.

  • Manage employee performance and set goals


The whole point of your onboarding process should be to get your new hires up to scratch with their role as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the quality of your process in order to save hours or even days.

Once your employees are up to speed, technology can help to bridge the gap between the theory and the practice. A great tool to help you achieve this can be found on actually makes managing the performance of your new hires easy and gives you the ability to set goals that can really inspire employees.

But, most importantly, records information so that it can be easily recalled at a later date. This is crucial because it allows new hires to go back and independently review notes, meeting logs, and tasks, etc. With, your new hires will have a portal that will reinforce their knowledge and you’ll have a way of keeping an eye on their performance.

Utilising technology in your onboarding process will give you a direct advantage over your competitors and improve the productivity of your new hires. Just remember that all of your employees are different and they all deserve the attention needed to help them thrive and excel at your company.

Having an employee checklist that makes sense for your onboarding process is what’s going to have a positive impact at your company. You’ll see improvements in employee retention so that you can increase your bottom line and see employee satisfaction rates improve. Follow our 3 tips and see how quickly your onboarding process will improve with the right technology.

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