5 Ways Technology Helps Your Employee Retention Strategy

technology and employee retention strategies

As millennials become a larger part of today’s workforce, companies have to adapt and innovate in the way they use technology. Employee retention is vital for helping companies grow as it allows the very best talent to develop their skills and thrive.

Losing great employees is something that can silently sneak up on your company and a big exodus can cause real damage. Not only will you have wasted a huge amount of company resources in training and development, but finding new talent isn’t always so easy.

If you’ve been trying to find employee retention strategies that incorporate the latest technology trends, Saxons has the answer. We’ve highlighted 5 retention strategies that truly make a difference in the modern workplace and will help to keep your employees happy. Read on to find out more or visit our Leadership page for more of our leadership related blogs.

Set job expectations for applicants  

The last thing a new employee wants to step into is a company culture they didn’t expect to find. And, as companies, the last thing wanted is for a new hire to leave before they can fulfill their potential.

Thanks to career portals and social media outreach technology, job seekers can easily learn more about their career development options and your company’s culture. This can be a huge sell for potential employees if you properly direct them to information that’s relevant to their ambitions and paints an accurate picture of their ideal job.

Flexible hours and working remotely

Who doesn’t like working out of the office or changing their working hours when life demands it, right? Well, it’s a good question and technology now allows employees to work flexibly from anywhere they need to – it’s fair to say that the days of the traditional 9-5 office job are well and truly behind us.

However, that doesn’t mean you ignore your employees once they’re out of the office. It’s critical that commutation and collaboration remain a big part of everyday life at your company. The last thing you want is for your employees to not feel like they’re part of the team or that their input isn’t valued.

But, it’s not just about keeping your local employees happy and satisfied with flexible working schedules. Modern technology has opened up a huge remote worker talent pool for companies to explore. It’s this kind of innovative approach that can really diversify your workplace and further boost collaboration among co-workers at your company.

Career development through eLearning initiatives

Nobody looks forward to the prospect of a dead-end job that simply isn’t going to go anywhere. One of the best employee retention strategies is simply helping your workers get to where they want to be. Lack of career development is a sure way to drive your employees away and waste your valuable company resources.

So, help your employees by establishing eLearning initiatives, creating innovative digital courses, and having readily accessible digital libraries. This shows that your company cares about the ambitions of your employees and wants to see them fulfil their every potential.

With that being said, this kind of eLearning approach does require for employees to have their career path laid out clearly. Otherwise, you may find that your employee retention strategies fall apart if career development begins to stagnate at your company.

Simple communication networks

Technology has made it easier than ever for your employees to stay connected, securely access company data, share work, and much more at any time of the day. This kind of freedom really aids employee retention as your staff will feel trusted in how they personally approach their workload.


Creating a strong communications network allows your company to easily build teams and encourages collaboration across every department. Again, these are all vital ingredients for increasing job satisfaction and productivity among your employees.

Thankfully, there are lots of innovative tools to make use of if you aren’t already. Slack and Microsoft Teams are helping to redefine how employees communicate and teams manage projects. Additionally, Dropbox and Google Docs make transferring files secure and instantaneous. All you have to do is make the right choice for your company and most importantly, your employees.

Innovative technology improves productivity and wellness

Stress is something that can creep into any workplace and technology has the keys to help reduce this. Perhaps, your employees need reminders for deadlines, automatic updates sent to them, ongoing online training or the ability to easily reschedule meetings?

Thankfully, the right technology can easily provide your employees with the tools they need to feel less stressed and more confident. There’s only so long a person can be under stress before it effects their productivity and impacts their health. No matter what, don’t lose sight of your employees’ wellness when developing your employee retention strategies.

Are you interested in modernising your workplace with the technology needed for your employee retention strategies to work? To learn more, please visit the IT Solutions page now. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team about any of the employee retention strategies you’ve read here by contacting us now.