13 Mind-Blowing Tech Gifts For Christmas 2014


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…. and the ultimate question is upon us ‘what to buy!?’

We all know that festive socks are the fastest way to your sweetheart’s heart, but this year- why not try something a little bit different? Something innovative, something Tech-savvy and undeniably fun?

Here at Saxons, we have created the a list of awesome tech gifts for 2014  as a guide for all technology junkies. From the basic stocking-fillers to the most exuberant in gimmicks, we have got it all!

Fujifilm Instax Share

Have you taken a picture on your phone that you want to stick on your wall?? (Silly question, Of course you have!) With this new Fuji innovation, you can easily print your snaps with their fun, portable, wireless instant Fujifilm Instax Printer. The photos print onto cute Polaroid style canvas to ensure you record every glamorous moment of all those Christmas antics. All you need to do is download the free app, fill up your cocktail glass- and away you jolly well go.

Mighty Purse

Imagine a world without your phone…. Impossible, right? Our phones tend to be an extension of our arms these days, so exactly what happens when you’re out and about and your phone dies? You plug it into your purse, don’t’ you…? Well if you’re not doing this then you clearly have the wrong purse.  The mighty purse is a beautiful leather purse with a hidden lightweight charger hidden inside, ensuring that you are never left powerless again.

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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 or DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Drone

Previously, capturing aerial footage was out of the question for everyone except professionals. But the commercial availability of drones has changed that completely, so consider buying a drone for any aspiring film makers or photographers that you know, or anyone else who’d enjoy flying one around! Parrot’s durable and intuitive AR 2.0 is a fantastic entry-level option, and is controlled from an iPhone app. DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision + is a more expensive drone for users who are looking for superior performance and video quality.

Ravi – Instant Wine Chiller

We all have ‘that friend’ who always pops over without warning, not having a chilled wine in the fridge for these circumstances can cost you a friendship and no-one wants a warm white wine in this heat do they? Well, you no longer have to be embarrassed about your boiling booze! Insert Ravi’s Instant Wine Chiller’s widget into your alcoholic bottle, simply pour… and the wine is chilled instantly as it passes through h the frozen stainless steel tube. Wine WIN!

Tile – Wireless Finder

My New Year’s resolution for 2015, as for all previous years is to stop losing things!! Come late January I have lost my keys, purse, phone, remote control and my resolution. Purchasing the ‘Tile App’ means that losing things become a whole lot easier. Attaching the ‘Tile’ to an item, such as your keys- lose your keys and use the Tile App to lead you to our lost items. You can track exact distance to your dearly-beloved missing items, as well as being updated as you get warmer to the source- simply genius!

Celluon – Laser Keyboard

This Celluon Laser Keyboard really has the wow factor. It will dazzle any user with its unique laser light keyboard. The design is intended for use in conjunction with smart phones or smaller tablets who type-on-the-go. The laser projector can be used on any flat and opaque surface, providing you with hours of effortless (and glamorous) typing.

Selfie Stick

Is this the technical must have for 2015? No? Is this perfect for selfie lover, YES! Cheap and cheerful, you can take the perfect picture. Short arms- no drams. As you sip that double whisky, whip out that Selfie stick, and involve the whole crew this Christmas season for all those memorable festive snaps.

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Aroma USB

This looks like a standard USB, it feels like a standard USB, it flashes like a standard USB, but this is absolutely not your regular USB… This is the Aroma USB Fragrance Diffuser. Yes, that’s right- this little treasure provides a pleasant smell while plugged into your laptop or computer. An undeniably beautiful little stocking-filler making it possible to please that ‘impossible-to-please’ girlfriend!


Dropcam is a home monitoring and security device, which alerts you when there is motion in your house or property.  This inbuilt camera records and stores video, enables you to communicate via built-in speakers, and gives you remote access and control. *Please note this made it to our short list, purely to ensure you capture all of your dad’s midnight fridge-rading for turkey scraps and subsequently use this as evidence against him at a time of your choosing.

Garmin VivoFit

For the fitness fanatics, a fitness tracker is the perfect piece of wearable technology for a Christmas gift. Fitness trackers allow you to record and monitor your complete activity statistics, including steps, distance, calories, time, heart rate and sleep, with the data accessible via apps or on your computer. Garmin’s range includes both the VivoFit and the VivoSmart, the latter of which also includes smartwatch notification capabilities, through a Bluetooth connection with your other devices.

Mini Jambox

If you know someone who likes to take their music with them everywhere, or who’s always ready to party, then a wireless portable speaker might be the answer to their Christmas wishes. The Mini Jambox portable Bluetooth speaker is an amazingly compact device which allows you to blast music wherever you are, with no irritating cables or cords.


Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a smart LED lighting system, which allows users to change the lighting colour, set lights to switch on and off at designated times, control them remotely, and more. The Hue application allows you to make changes easily from your phone or device, and third party apps allow you to extend the possibilities even further.

Belkin WeMo Home Automation

The Belkin WeMo series of products allow electronic devices in your home to be turned on and off via an app, with remote access and scheduling capability. Motion sensor based automation can also be added, and WeMo can with Belkin’s NetCam home monitoring camera. So give your friends and family something different this Christmas, by choosing a gadget or gimmick which has the ‘wow’ factor! Let us know what sort of tech gifts you have on your own Christmas list at @SaxonsIT, or retweet our list!

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