What Is Live Chat & Why Should I Use It?

what is live chat

As a customer, there really isn’t anything more irritating than receiving poor support from the company you’re trying to contact or do business with. Obviously, this is made even worse if there is no quick and easy method for you to contact said company.

As a business, losing a customer through the fault of your own poor service is a no-go. But, it’s not just losing customers in this way that companies should fear. Without live chat your company could also be missing out on sales opportunities, sharing news on promotions, gaining valuable customer feedback, and much more.

Keeping customers satisfied whenever they have queries and enabling support staff to excel should be a high priority at any company. Thankfully, upgrading to a live chat website is easier than ever before and will truly change how your company interacts with customers in real time.

We’ve listed the best reasons why you should use live chat and how it will help your company gain the upper hand when it comes to great customer service. Read on to learn more or head over to our Tech blog for more of our tech-related articles.

Live chat is a great conversion tool

From face value, you may think that a live chat function on your website is only there to keep customers happy whenever they have a question or a complaint. Well, as a matter of fact, you’d be wrong about that.

Live chat can open up huge avenues for your company when it comes to real-time conversations with potential paying customers. For example, shopping cart abandonment can be effectively combated if real-time website visitor monitoring and customised triggers are put into place. When combined with a customer support team that’s instantly available on live chat, your businesses can regain a sale that would have otherwise been lost.

More often than not, customers will abandon their shopping cart if there isn’t enough information about a product or if there isn’t a customer service representative to speak to directly.

Customer service representatives not only have to be there, they need to guide customers towards a purchase the same way an assistant would do in any physical store.

Your support agents can easily communicate with each other

The number one issue facing your customer service team isn’t necessarily upset customers, it’s whether or not your customer service team has an effective internal communication system to utilise.

Perhaps, your team members have tips on how to handle upset customers or need to share information with a colleague about a previous phone call? Thankfully, a live chat function does more than just bring your website visitors and customer service representatives together; it brings your entire customer service department together.

Good communication across your customer service team is going to help minimise the chances of an escalation and reduce any harm to your brand name in the worst-case scenario. There’s no hiding from it, your customer service representatives can only do a good a job as their means allow.

Customers love the ease of live chat

If you want to make your customers happy then you’ve got to show that your company is there for them whenever they need. Live chat website functionality is easy to use and provides a direct line for your customers to speak to company representatives who are ready to help.

Thanks to the ongoing advancements in website chat technology most chat programs now support mobile connectivity. This means your customers can speak with you on the go and this is vital when you consider just how many purchases are made on mobile devices.

But, what’s even better for your customers is the fact that using live chat is completely free. There aren’t any expensive phone calls or long waiting times and they can speak to your company representative without losing their time or money.

However, it’s important to note that the growing adoption of live chat by many companies means that this will soon be a function that’s expected by every visitor to your website. So, it’s probably worth taking this into account and looking into the right live chat website application for your company sooner rather than later.

Customer insights are hugely valuable


Knowing how to use customer data in an intelligent way is always going to give your company a huge advantage when it comes to optimising processes, pricing strategies, product selection, and much more.

Thankfully, live chat website functionality can easily capture vital customer information, such as locations, behaviours, devices, email addresses, age, and so on. Essentially, giving you a treasure trove of customer data that can be used to improve the way your company does business with current and future customers.

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