3 Common Workplace Issues & How To Deal With Them

Workplace Issues - Stressed Man

Do you feel like you and your team are encountering the same workplace issues over and over and that these problems are keeping you from maintaining a high level of productivity? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Businesses of all types and sizes around the world are full of employees that face the same hassles day after day.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take when problem solving in the workplace to help lessen the effects of or even eliminate these issues. Here are three of the most common issues that can be found in businesses in various industries and what you can do to help control these problems.

1. Poor communication

Communication Workplace

Being able to stay in contact with important people, whether they be colleagues or clients, is of the utmost importance in today’s business world. A free flow of ideas is a foundational aspect of productivity. Unfortunately some businesses have difficulty with many facets of communication.


The solutions: There are many things you can do to help facilitate better communication amongst your team members and the customers and clients you aim to reach. Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to connect your colleagues is through communication software that is easy to implement and learn how to use.

Having efficient telephony power is still one of the most vital aspects of workplace communication. Access4 is a unified phone system that operates over the cloud, offering you and your team clear calling capacity that makes communicating easier. Of course, an email platform is maybe even more important, with potentially thousands of emails flying in and out of your company each day. Implementing Microsoft Outlook and having your team partake in Microsoft Outlook training can help your business best optimise communication not only via email, but also via chat, which is sometimes the quickest and most productive way to get information.

2. Data security

Data Security Lock

Being dependable is something that clients and customers value highly. This is especially important if your business operates within an industry that requires the collection of sensitive personal data. Another aspect of dependability that is just as important is being able to maintain your infrastructure so your company can keep the wheels turning without hiccups.

The solutions: If you think your company needs assistance with security on the technical side, managed IT services can go a long way in alleviating the headaches that come with such problems. With managed IT services, experienced professionals monitor your company’s infrastructure and help target and eliminate potential problems and attacks.

Other solutions can come from within your team. There are several things you can do to ensure you and your colleagues treat information with care. Tell them not to open up attachments and links in emails sent from suspicious addresses. And don’t write down passwords on paper that can accidentally be left around the office or elsewhere. And don’t give out your passwords unless it is absolutely imperative to do so. Renting a training room and educating your team on these concepts can help keep important information out of the hands of the competition or, even worse, villainous identity thieves.

3. Lack of respect

Respect in the workplace

It’s important for people in a business to know that they are important. Yet, somehow this is one of the biggest workplace problems facing many team members today. Toiling for hours on difficult tasks or constantly delivering whenever called upon is something that should be commended. This will keep team members happy because they feel valued and make them think twice before opening up job listings.

The solutions: Just like most workplace issues, there are several different ways you can attack a lack of respect or appreciation within your business. Send an email to your team or the company as a whole pointing out the quality of work of those who deserve it. Or take your team out to lunch or give them an early mark as a thank you for their continued efforts. Just showing that somebody is paying attention, whether you’re a manager or a colleague with the same title, can go a long way in helping somebody feel appreciated.

Workplace issues can lead to big trouble for your business, whether it be amongst your personnel, the product or service you provide or both. Being able to defuse these problems can be the difference between a halt in your services or a loss of key staffers and a smoothly sailing ship. Contact Saxons today to plan some learning solutions training or reserve a training room and give yourself a leg up when it comes to problem solving in the workplace.