5 Of The Best Chrome Extensions To Improve Productivity


In the IT world, having a firm understanding and nimble grasp of Google Chrome is something that should be pretty commonplace. Understanding all of the different bells and whistles offered by this seminal web service and being able to take advantage of them to their fullest can make your team members more efficient.

However, your understanding of the search engine should go further than Google itself. If you know what to do, Google Chrome can be a foundation for the way your team gets things done. Every day heaps of different developers are coming up with new Chrome extensions that can help you harness the power of the program and get even more out of it.

Here are five of the best Chrome extensions that can increase productivity amongst your workforce.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop

By now, your company should certainly be taking full advantage of managed IT services and all the great things that come with being hooked up to the cloud. One such benefit is being able to get to key files from just about anywhere. The Chrome Remote Desktop extension allows you to perform a similar action by giving you the power to access your computer from afar. This can be a bit of a safety net just in case whatever you need is on your computer but for some reason not on your company’s cloud, or you for some reason are not equipped to access the cloud.

  •  Google Mail Checker

One great way to increase productivity is to spend less time drowning in your inbox. Clicking out of your current window to check your email is surprisingly disruptive. Even if you don’t have any new items, you still need to refocus before you can get back down to business. The Google Mail Checker is one of the best Google Chrome extensions because it eliminates that wasted time burned opening your email. Instead, you get a little preview of what’s come in without having to totally bail on what you’re currently dealing with.

  • News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

Social media can be just as big a time suck as email without many of the actual benefits. Constantly opening up your various profiles and scrolling through mindlessly can drain dozens of valuable minutes from your day. Increase productivity by installing the Google Chrome News Feed Eradicator for Facebook extension. This tool eliminates your Facebook feed from your computer or device and replaces it with an inspirational quote. There’s no need to remove the app from your phone, computer or tablet. Instead, just set this extension to work its magic during work hours and you’ll be in much better shape.

  • Nimbus Screenshot

This can be an especially good way to increase productivity if you work in an industry or hold a position that relies on you either creating visual presentations, teaching fellow team members or presenting information regarding the web or IT. That’s because Nimbus Screenshot makes it super simple for Windows users to take screenshots and manipulate them as needed. Instead of trying to describe an issue to an IT professional, send him or her a quick screenshot with a note. Do the same with clients whose websites you’re working on or attach screenshots to slides for presentations. All of this can be done quickly, saving you time and energy better used on other tasks.

  • OneTab

The OneTab Google Chrome extension can make things easier on your eyes and brain as well as the operating system of your device. At any given time during the work day, you might have tabs open to to run online tools and check your email in addition to finding the actual pages you need to do your work. These tabs can not only make your computer’s operating system run slower, but you also run the risk of missing out on key info that could be helpful due to skipping over a tab or closing it accidentally. OneTab allows you to archive all these tabs whenever it’s getting to be a bit too much. Instead of having to waste time going through and bookmarking them one-by-one, they’re stored in list for you open at your own pace.

Although bigger, more in-depth methods such as attending conferences and enrolling in online IT training courses that can teach you great new skills that can make you a better worker, tapping your mouse or screen a few times to install some of these great Google Chrome extensions might be all it takes to increase your productivity. Give them a spin today.