Managed IT Security Services

Keeping your data protected

IT Security protects your data, business processes and IP from threats and intrusions. Your operations, communications and records can all be conducted in a secure, enterprise-grade computing environment.

IT security is essential for businesses of all sizes looking to protect their data, IP and processes. An IT security breach has the potential to negatively impact productivity, profit and customer & partner relationships through loss of efficiency or effectiveness. Saxons IT mitigate these risks though reduced business exposure, proactive monitoring and security strategy alignment.

IT Security
Security Attack Prevention

Part of a functional security system is its ability to recognise repetition and commonality in attacks. Saxons IT and its IT security systems work off a prevention methodology to monitor, identify and prevent attacks. By providing secure infrastructure, enterprise grade software, regular hardware upgrades and user training. Our consultants design and implement technology solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, giving you a reliable and powerful platform to run your business.

Business Continuity
Stress Free Operations

Our proactive network monitoring keeps track of real-time events, including unauthorised access, malware and other network security threats. Our intelligent intrusion detection systems will alert us to any abnormal or malicious activity, meaning that IT security breaches can be addressed immediately by our support technicians.

Reduced Business Exposure

Our enterprise level IT security solutions protect your email, network and internet from threats and intrusions.

Network security solutions give peace of mind to clients by protecting their IT systems from intrusions and attacks.

Enterprise level email filtering quarantines suspicious emails, with up-to-date protection against phishing, spam, malware and other threats. Filters and settings are customisable to meet your specific requirements.

Enterprise web security provides non-intrusive protection from online threats such malicious websites and downloads.

Scalable Solutions
Seamless Business Strategy Integration

Central to our company, we pride ourselves on alignment with your business. Strategic integration of IT into your business allows Saxons IT to achieve best in class results with all the needs of our clients satisfied and exceeded. Assessing your business strategies for security, growth, staff access needs allow us to create unrivalled managed service agreements to provide the best ongoing monitoring and support to give your business a proactive and secure IT strategy that you can rely on.

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