IT Support

Can you train my staff?

Yes, this is what we like to hear! We envisage a world where adoption is not an issue. One of the most effective uses of training is to pre-skill your staff for a software rollout, say you are thinking about switching to a cloud based software like Office 365. We can work on your environment, […]

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Are you available on weekends?

Saxons support covers all kinds of crazy hours. We actually support your systems 24/7 so if your MD happens to be pottering around the office at 2 am on a Tuesday after a client ‘meeting’ and cant ‘remember’ how to use the internet we can provide support for that too.

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IT appears to be an evil you know; what’s different about Saxons?

IT is seen as a complicated practice. Big words and shadier explanations, let’s face it, IT Services companies haven’t exactly positioned the IT Services industry in the best light. We do our best to align our explanation with your understanding. We try to understand your business before providing a solution and we don’t employ robots, […]

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Do Saxons offer IT support to remote areas?

Yes, we do. One of the practices we specialise in is IT Support for multi-location and decentralised businesses. The onsite support element of a client’s solution can be extended to offsite and remote support for workers.  We even developed a product specifically to deliver training to remote locations, it’s called Jellyfish. Pretty awesome huh!

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