Scalable IT Solutions

Technology that grows with your business

Scalable IT Solutions allow you to only pay for what you use, with the ability to rapidly increase your resources in response to business growth or other changes.

Saxons allows you to focus on growing your core business by providing IT solutions as a service. We bundle all your technology needs into a single monthly fee which can be scaled based on the number of users.

Scalable Solutions
Business Growth Alignment

A managed services agreement supports business growth by allowing services and costs to be adjusted on a per-user basis. This means that you only pay for what you use, which reduces wasted spend and enables flexibility and scalability in periods of rapid growth.

IT Support
Ongoing Support

Our managed services agreements include ongoing support from our expert IT technicians, who provide remote and onsite assistance to solve any problems. You can scale the amount of monthly support that you require, while retaining the option to purchase additional support hours if needed.

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Reduced Total Cost Of Ownership

A managed services agreement reduces your total cost of ownership by bundling all your IT needs into single service with a monthly fee. The large upfront costs of purchasing infrastructure and hiring in-house staff are eliminated, while you also gain access to Saxons’ expert technical team.

Project & Hardware Financing

Hardware rental and upgrade projects can be included in your monthly managed services fee, reducing your upfront expenses and providing the infrastructure needed for key operations. Saxons IT provide competitive flexible financing options tailored to your specific business needs.

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