Business & Enterprise Mobility 

Enabling business from anywhere

Business Mobility is the practice of IT strategy supporting work on any device or in any location. It allows for work to continue on the go, while reducing costs and promoting more open corporate culture.

Whether your staff are meeting with clients, travelling interstate, or working from home, they need to have remote access to their files and applications. Saxons provides secure platforms which enable users to access their documents and stay in touch with their team and clients, regardless of their location.

Business Mobility
Access Anywhere, On Any Device

Saxons provides cloud based platforms for email, documents and collaboration, which allow your users to work on their laptops, tablets or smartphones from wherever they are. Our mobile device and application management solutions allow you to implement additional security measures as part of a BYOD policy.

Multisite Project Teams

We provide cloud-based project management and collaboration platforms which allow your teams to easily share project files, discussions and reports. Project teams can allocate and discuss tasks, work on documents simultaneously and monitor resources and budgets.

Mobile Teams

With enterprise grade email, calendars and contacts integrated across all their devices, staff can communicate and collaborate on the move. Video conferencing, enterprise social networking, intranet and live chat applications ensure that location is no barrier to communication between your staff.

Offsite Document Access

Our cloud storage solutions allow users to access files from laptops, desktops, phones and tablets, all without document duplication. Each user will have access to user account linked cloud based storage, all managed by Saxons IT Solutions, which means that your documents, information and data are secure.

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