Business Continuity Management

Keeping your business up and running

Business Continuity is the planned process employed by companies to re-instate their business process. It details the procedures acted upon to ensure the continuance of essential functions during and post event.

Long Term Strategy & Planning

At Saxons, we take a long term, proactive approach to risk management and supporting your business. Rather than merely fixing problems when they arise, our focus is on delivering an IT system that supports and improves your business operations and growth.

Up-To-Date Infrastructure, Hardware & Software

We provide for all your hardware and software needs as a managed service, including regular upgrades. This ensures that your IT system is powered by the most reliable and accurate technology, while also retaining full manufacturer support.

Maximum Uptime

Our technical team is focused on delivering maximum uptime, so that your business can run smoothly with minimal disruptions. Downtime can lead to major losses in sales and productivity, which is why business continuity management is needed to prevent incidents before they occur.

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Backups & Disaster Recovery

Automatic secure cloud backups give you peace of mind that your data will remain unaffected by local hardware failures, and can be easily restored at any time. Our disaster recovery tools are also designed to get your systems up and running as fast as possible, so that your customers and staff are not inconvenienced.

IT Support
Helpdesk Support

If a problem arises, our helpdesk staff respond quickly and effectively to resolve the issue, making it a priority to get your system up and running as soon as possible. Our technical consultants are experienced and equipped with leading industry qualifications, so you can be sure that your IT system is always in safe hands.

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