Business Relocation Services

Stress free IT migrations

Business Relocation is the planning and implementation of new site operations. It allows for the seamless IT operation of new offices with zero downtime.

If your business is growing and needs relocating to a larger office or multiple locations, Saxons offers full management of the project including planning, documentation, migration, reporting and ongoing support.

Managed Services
Managed Services

Relocating your business is easier when your IT system and communications are managed by Saxons. As a complete technology service provider, we are able to look after all aspects of your migration, including equipment and hardware, software, data and files, internet and phone connections and support.

Accurate Execution

When the time to relocate arrives, you want it to be finished as quickly as possible, so that normal operations can resume as quickly as possible. Saxons will co-ordinate a fast and painless migration of your phone, internet and IT systems, allowing you to keep your attention focused on other tasks.

Minimum Downtime

During an office relocation, it’s vital to keep your IT and communications downtime to an absolute minimum, to avoid lost revenue and productivity. Our IT consultants deliver stress-free migrations which are as simple and easy as possible for you and your staff, with close to zero business interference.

Infrastructure Provisioning

We can reduce your relocation costs with infrastructure and hardware as a service, which eliminates the need for a large upfront investment in new equipment. Your new premises will remain up to date with regular technology upgrades and a flexible financing model.

Multisite Capability

If you are looking to implement a multisite setup or relocate an existing multisite business, then Saxons can provide end-to-end management of the migration project with minimum disruption of your business operations. Your networks, communication systems and servers will be securely accessible at your new location.

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