Business Connectivity 

Helping your business to collaborate

Business Connectivity is the underlying framework including applications designed to keep your business talking. It allows for fluid communication between project teams, clients and management.

An enterprise grade IT system makes communication and collaboration easy, by connecting all your users wherever they are. Saxons provides the right platforms and solutions to enable fast, secure, accessible sharing of data and files across your business.

Multisite Offices

If your business involves multisite operation with offices in several locations, we can provide secure networking solutions to connect your users via the cloud. All your users will have access to your servers and files, with the ability to use their personal login at all your locations.

Unified communications
Unified Communications

Our unified communications solutions meet all your data and voice requirements by providing enterprise grade internet, VOIP phone systems, video conferencing and private networks. Your state of the art communications network will deliver maximum uptime and lightning fast speed, powering internal, outbound and inbound data transfer.

Collaboration & Messaging

We provide your team with the right collaboration tools, including integrated email, calendars, contacts, instant messaging, and video conferencing and enterprise social networks. This allows your staff to interact in real time across national or international offices, whether it’s working on documents, discussing projects or scheduling meetings and events.

Secure Networking

A virtual private network (VPN) for your business means that all your staff have secure access to the same applications, servers and databases. We also provide Wi-Fi networks for your offices or premises, with the ability to manage users, passwords and settings.

Shared Documents

Store your company’s documents on one central platform, allowing multiple editors to work simultaneously without duplication. It’s as simple as logging into your account on any connected device to access, edit and present a document. By having Saxons IT Solutions create a custom intranet portal, users can access key information and documents instantly from any location.

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