Microsoft Certified

Microsoft offers a range of cloud-based solutions that provide software, services, and content over the Internet by way of shared computing resources located in centralised data centers. At Saxons It, we can support you in finding and maintaining the best solution for your business.

Examples of cloud-based computing services with Microsoft include

  • Microsoft Office 365, an online suite that enables people to work from virtually anywhere at any time with simple, familiar collaboration and communication solutions, including Microsoft Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync;
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customer relationship management services for sales, service, and marketing professionals provided through a familiar Microsoft Outlook interface;
  • Teams, which allows users to connect and collaborate with clients and colleagues through a variety of devices; and
  • the Azure family of platform and database services that helps developers connect applications and services in the cloud or on premise. These services include Windows Azure, a scalable operating system with computing, storage, hosting, and management capabilities, and Microsoft SQL Azure, a relational database.

Our team is Microsoft certified across a range of areas and expertise

We provide a comprehensive range of IT solutions for Australian businesses


Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the planned process employed by companies to re-instate their business process. It details the procedures acted upon to ensure the continuance of essential functions during and post event.


Business Connectivity

Business Connectivity is the underlying framework including applications designed to keep your business talking. It allows for fluid communication between project teams, clients and management.


Business Mobility

Business Mobility is the practice of IT strategy supporting work on any device or in any location. It allows for work to continue on the go, while reducing costs and promoting more open corporate culture.


Business Relocation

Business Relocation is the planning and implementation of new site operations. It allows for the seamless IT operation of new offices with zero downtime.


Scalable Solutions

Scalable IT Solutions allow you to only pay for what you use, with the ability to rapidly increase your resources in response to business growth or other changes.


IT Security

IT Security protects your data, business processes and IP from threats and intrusions, in a secure, enterprise-grade computing environment.