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Keeping good digital hygiene is an important aspect of being online. Below are 5 tips to keep in mind.

5 Tips for Good Digital Hygiene

Check the URL:

  • A secure website should use HTTPS to encrypt all traffic. Look at the URL to see if it begins with HTTPS.

Only Use Safe Connections:

  • Steer clear of free, public Wi-Fi, particularly those that don’t even have password protection.

Log Off When You’re Done:

  • Whenever you’re done on a website, log out. If you’re online for work and have to access the same sites multiple times a day, set your browser to automatically log you out when you close it.

Delete Cookies:

Use a VPN:

  • For more advanced protection, you can use a Virtual Private Network, which hides your IP address and re-routes your traffic through an encrypted passageway.

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