40 Useful Shortcuts for Microsoft Applications

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Keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys are a series of one or several keys which when pressed, promptly command a software program to perform a preprogramed action. Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft are an incredible timesaving resource when used correctly. To assist in getting the most out of your applications, we’ve compiled a list of some useful keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft applications that will improve your productivity.

Shortcuts for Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Word

  • Ctrl + [ to decrease font size by 1 point
  • Ctrl + ] to increase font size by 1 point
  • Ctrl + E to center text
  • Ctrl + L to align left
  • Ctrl + R to align-right
  • Ctrl + Z to undo and Ctrl + Y to redo
  • Ctrl + Shift + L to create a bullet point
  • Shift + F7 to open the thesaurus
  • Shift + Alt + D to insert the current date
  • Shift + Alt + T to insert the current time
  • Ctrl + Space to remove formatting from a selection
  • Ctrl + Shift + C to copy the formatting of selected text (Format Painter)
  • Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the formatting of selected text (Format Painter)
  • Alt + N + P to insert an image


  • Ctrl + V to create a new email with copied text
  • F3 to go to the search box
  • Alt + up or Alt + down to move between messages in the reading pane
  • Ctrl + . or Ctrl + , to switch between messages when you have a message open
  • Ctrl + shift + M to create a message
  • Ctrl+R to reply to an email
  • Alt+R to reply to all in an email
  • Alt+W to forward an email
  • Alt+S to send an email
  • Ctrl+G to open the “Go to date” dialogue to jump to any date in the calendar


  • Ctrl + ; to insert today’s date.
  • Ctrl + Shift + : to insert the current time
  • Ctrl + Shift + # to change format of a date
  • Ctrl + 0 to hide the current column
  • Ctrl + 9 to hide the current row
  • Ctrl + PageUp or PageDown to shift between the sheets in the currently open workbook
  • F2 to edit the currently selected cell
  • Shift + F10 to open the right-click menu for the current cell
  • Shift + F3 to open the formula builder


  • Shift + F7 to open the thesaurus
  • Ctrl + K to insert a link
  • Ctrl + Shift + C to copy the formatting of selected text (Format Painter)
  • Ctrl + Shift + V to paste formatting of selected text (Format Painter)
  • Alt + N + F to insert a file
  • Alt + N + P to insert a picture
  • Ctrl + 1 to create a To-Do tag

Want more helpful resources and documentation for Microsoft applications? Check out our resources page here.

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