How To Add Video To Your Recruitment Strategy

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It’s often said that a picture paints a thousand words and utilising video in your recruitment strategy is something that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

So, why is this so important for your recruitment strategy? Essentially, there is now a much larger playing field when it comes to getting your company’s message out there to candidates. The key here is to utilise the power a recruitment video can bring to your strategy and build a personal connection with applicants from the get go.

Video recruitment is going to become a major trend across all industries and it’s best to get ahead of this while you still can. We’ve complied 5 essential tips to help you get your video recruitment strategy off the ground. Read on to learn more or head to the Human Resources page for more HR inspired blogs from Saxons.

Advertise jobs with a recruitment video

It might seem like a strange idea at first, but a video job posting can be far more captivating than a traditional text advertisement. Stick to a loose script but don’t be shy about giving your video some personality. This should help your recruitment strategy gain traction as not everyone is currently utilising video at this point.

Think about introducing your team, talking about any projects in progress and explaining your company’s work culture. If you think of video recruitment like internet dating you’re off to a good start, you want to say enough to get a candidate interested but not tell them absolutely everything at this point.

Make use of your existing employees

There are two ways in which your employees can play a big part in your video recruitment strategy. Firstly, it’s vital that you get across what it’s like to work with your company and the culture that comes with that. Perhaps you might show off your office space, location, amenities, community outreach programs, gym, staff days out or anything else of interest. Getting across your identity is key here and you need to make it as enticing as possible.

Secondly, your employees can become involved in your video recruitment strategy by acting as biographical examples. You might consider doing a “day in a life” series where you highlight the responsibilities of each role at your company and how they all tie in together. Both of these are should be separate to your job posting video and can go into as much detail as you like. Consider positioning these in your “Careers” or “About Us” website landing pages for maximum exposure.

Utilise social media and blogs

There is little doubt in the ability social media has to reach many people from all walks of life. This is why it’s vital to make social media a part of your video recruitment strategy from the beginning. At the very least, consider tapping into the potential of LinkedIn and Medium as well as Twitter and Facebook to share your recruitment video. You’ll be surprised with the results if you post your recruitment video to as many platforms as possible.

Tying in your social media posts with longer, more informed company blog posts is another great way to generate incoming traffic. Here, the video on your social media accounts can act as a teaser and direct candidates towards your website or blog for further information.

Ask candidates to introduce themselves on video for recruitment

The rise of Snapchat, Skype and the like has helped make most people very comfortable when speaking on camera. This presents a great opportunity to tie video introductions into your recruitment strategy.

Ask candidates to include a video introduction with their application and get them to outline what makes them a great choice for the job. It’s an excellent way to see how proficient a candidate is while also gaining an insight into their personality. This will make it much easier for your interviewers once you get to that stage.

Interview candidates with video

While this is ideal for candidates that are out of the local area and can’t easily travel for an interview, it also creates a level playing field for everyone. Video introductions can help to create a level of familiarity between interviewers and candidates during the first few rounds of interviews. Moving forward, face-to-face interviews will be more relaxed and comfortable for everyone.

To read more on how you can make improvements to your HR process and strategy, please head over to our Human Resources blog page now. Or, if you need professional assistance to modernise your IT systems, contact our team today.

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